Debbie Roche

Podcast Consultant, Creator + Producer

Podcast Consultations + Workshops


Podcasting 101

What is a podcast and how do I take my podcast idea out into the world? Perfect for communities new to podcasting and want to learn more.

Concept Development

One-on-one consulting for those who have a great podcast idea but are not too sure how to get it out into the world.


Writing + Interviewing Techniques

Tailored writing, interviewing tips + techniques that will get your guest opening up and your audience wanting more.

Recording + Editing

One-on-one advice and support with recording and editing your first podcast episode.


Promoting Your Podcast

Find out the different ways that you can target your ideal listener and walk away with a tailored marketing plan for your podcast.

Tailored Workshops

Does your community have specific needs when it comes to podcasting? Reach out if you are looking for customized workshops.

About Me

Inspired by the strength & resilience of others, I created Uncomfortable the Podcast, where uncomfortable topics, i.e. topics that still carry stigma and shame, are discussed in a comfortable manner.

I interview everyday worldly folks who are open to sharing their experiences or expertise on particular topics. Past episodes cover subjects such as sex, mental health, money, relationships, death and much more.

With a passion for storytelling, I love helping others share their stories and experiences through podcasting.


Reaching Your Ideal Podcast Listener

Reaching Your Ideal Podcast Listener

If you are a business owner, then you will be quite versed in the concept of finding your “ideal client”. For podcasters, you must consider “Who is your ideal podcast listener?” 

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How to Keep Your Podcast Consistent

How to Keep Your Podcast Consistent

You’ve taken the huge step of launching a podcast – congratulations! That’s a milestone in and of itself. You may have launched a teaser or your first episode. So now what? Where do you go from here on your podcasting journey? How do you keep your podcast consistent?

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How to Launch a Podcast

How to Launch a Podcast

Do you have a great idea for podcast but have no idea where to start? Check out this comprehensive guide on how to launch a podcast!

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