About Me

Lover of stories, taboo topics, fun conversations, laughing out loud, crying out loud and creating connection. 

I’m Debbie Roche

Inspired by the strength & resilience of others, I created Uncomfortable the Podcast, where uncomfortable topics, i.e. topics that still carry stigma and shame, are discussed in a comfortable manner.

I interview everyday worldly folks who are open to sharing their experiences or expertise on particular topics. Past episodes cover subjects such as sex, mental health, money, relationships, death and much more.

With a passion for storytelling, I love helping others share their stories and experiences through podcasting.

“For me, podcasting creates connection. It’s the perfect medium to share stories and experiences with your audience.”

My Skills

I help storytellers utilize the podcast medium. I work with them to take their idea to conception, helping them share their message with the world. 

As a video blogger and podcaster for over three years, I have experience in strategy, podcast production, storytelling, editing and marketing.

My passion is working with new podcasters, helping them turn their podcast idea into a reality.

  • Podcast Business Planning
  • Content & Interview Strategy
  • Social Media & Marketing

Podcasts create connection. The world needs more of that. You can help.